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Affiliate Program

Are you interested in connecting other like-minded business owners with our products, planners, workbooks, graphics, and templates? We'd love to work with you! Join our affiliate program today and earn 40% on all products and courses. 

It doesn't matter how big your following is, just that you're excited to genuinely share our products with others. Sign up now and get instant access to your unique affiliate links for sharing. 

Our Terms:

- Affiliate cookie is locked in at 6 months

- Payments will be made biweekly (twice per month).

- If someone has been shared a link to your product by multiple affiliates, the credit will be given to the affiliate whose link was last clicked.

- The tracking cookie is specific to your account and not just the product that is being shared. This means that if someone clicks an affiliate link for the product you promote but decides to buy a different product, you will still receive credit for that purchase

- Affiliate payments are made through PayPal. Please be sure to add your PayPal email address to your account so we can pay you. 

- There is no minimum payment required for payout.

- *UPDATED* You now CAN earn commission on personal purchases through your affiliate link.

- We’ll let you know via email about new products and offers so you have time to promote them. Make sure you have whitelisted so you don't miss anything! 

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How To Access Your Affiliate Links

To obtain your affiliate links, please follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your account with the info above.

  • In the upper right corner, click on your name. This will bring up a drop-down menu.

  • Click "affiliate center." Then, you will see the products available for affiliate track along with your specific link for each noted product, payout amount, # of clicks, and # of conversions. You will also see the details regarding any Pending Commissions you are owed and any Past Commissions paid.

  • When a product's affiliate link is clicked by someone it was shared with, the potential customer will land on the product's page and a tracking cookie is set for 6 months on that device. If the potential customer purchasers the product within that 6-month window, the affiliate will receive the conversion for that referral.

Please note that if someone deletes the cookies from their browser before it expires, the affiliate will not receive credit for the person's purchase as the tracking will no longer be active.

If you're having trouble logging in or accessing your links, please email

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