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Fill-In-The-Blank Website Templates

Never stare at a blank screen wondering what to write again.

If watching paint dry is faster than you getting started on writing a blog post, keep on scrolling. 

After you pour a steaming hot cup of coffee, you sit down at your computer fresh and ready to crank out blog posts. 

You open up a blank screen to start writing and…… nothing.

You write a few words but they don’t sound right, so you delete them.

“Ugh, this is boring. I guess I can’t write anything interesting today,” you think as you promptly switch tabs and start on a different business task.

You abandon writing altogether and plan to come back to it when you feel “inspired” again….. and who knows when that will be. (I see that sad abandoned list of "incomplete" posts collecting dust in your Wordpress dashboard...)

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. 

Do you usually take out a pot, place it on the stove, and stare at it, waiting for inspiration to strike before you make dinner?


And yet, we expect writing content for our blog/website to work that way.

What would help fight this? Well, a recipe for starters.

But what's even better than a recipe?

A set of templates that you can literally just fill in the blanks and have amazing content ready to go.

And that's exactly what you'll find in these Fill-In-The-Blank Website Templates.

You see, unlike a blog post "recipe," these templates don't just tell you what to do or how to do it, but half of the content is actually done for you.

Inside these Fill-In-The-Blank Website Templates you'll get:

- An About Me Page Template

- Opt-In (Freebie) Page Templates- short and long versions

- Resources/Favorite Things Roundup Template

- Product Review Template

Plus a bonus Black Friday Preview Template that can be used as a blog post or an email!

And each template comes with tips and tricks to help you get going quickly and easily- without the stress of staring at a blank screen.

Imagine finally hitting "publish" on those posts so you can get back to the things you're passionate about- like serving up amazing value to your audience.

As a busy business owner, you don't have time to waste trying to figure out what to write.

You need to get it done and move on.

Seriously, like now. And for just $27, your biz can't afford for you NOT to. 

So go ahead and click that buy button- you're just a few fill-in-the-blanks away from some seriously awesome written content.

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